October 22, 2018

We started using the Seesaw app to share and communicate with families! Your child will post to Seesaw to share their learning. Seesaw is private; you’ll only see posts created by your child.

Please Sign Up Now

  1. Click on this link: https://app.seesaw.me/s/477-622-912
  2. Choose your child from the list
  3. Create your account
  4. Once I approve you, you can see content from your child

After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. You can also access Seesaw from a computer at https://app.seesaw.me.

Thank you for supporting your child’s learning! Our goal is to share with you every week.  Currently, children have four opportunities for sharing their learning.  Not all students have finished preparing their projects for sharing with you on Seesaw.  We should be caught soon.

  1. Their personal introduction piece from our classroom icosahedron
  2. A biography from our language arts reading
  3. A collaborative story presentation
  4. STEM center activities

P.S. If you used Seesaw last year or have more than one child using Seesaw, follow the link above, then click the ‘Sign in’ tab at the top of the screen. You do not need to create a new account.


  • October 21st; Episcopal School Sunday
  • October 25th; Field trip to Community Food Bank
  • October 30th; Reading Log due
  • October 31st; Relaxed Dress Halloween theme
  • November 2nd; THIRD GRADE BAKE SALE
  • November 5th; Canned Food Drive Begins
  • November 9th; Field Day, First Trimester Ends, NOON Dismissal
  • November 12th; No School


Spelling October 22, 2018

Words with Digraphs th, ng

  1. although
  2. belong
  3. during
  4. feathers
  5. fitting
  6. nothing
  7. rather
  8. springing
  9. strength
  10. stung
  11. surroundings
  12. therefore
  13. thorny
  14. throughout
  15. together

Watch-Out Words

  • neither
  • nor
  • either
  • or

Fall Break

Welcome back from fall break.  My week was all about relaxing and spending time with  family and friends.  I am refreshed and ready for school tomorrow.  Seeing the students and hearing about their break will be a highlight for me as we reassemble to the routines and procedures of third grade.

Every October, I recall a description of the autumn weather in Tucson as Onion Weather.  In the early morning when temperatures are cool, or even ‘chilly’, layers of clothing may be necessary.  The classroom may also be quite cool first thing in the school day, requiring an extra layer such as a sweater or vest after outerwear is removed.  As the sun climbs and the temperature rises, a layer or two is peeled away, especially during recess and PE.  Then, as daylight fades and the sun no longer warms us, layers are added on again.

With Onion Weather in mind, the extra layers worn in the classroom must follow uniform guidelines that are found in the Student/Parent Handbook.  lost-and-foundThe peeling off of clothing layers also seems to coincide with an increased abundance of clothing items in the Lost and Found bins that are located in Foundations Courtyard and outside the Student Center gym.  Please, make sure all clothing is clearly labeled.

This week in Language Arts, we are reading Animals, More or Less.  Students will practice the reading strategy of identifying literal and non-literal language.  Grammar lessons include types of sentences; statements, questions, exclamations and commands.  Spelling covers words with digraphs sh and ck, and commonly misspelled words.  Writing lessons focus on using verbs and nouns that engage readers.

Additionally, students will finish Math chapter 2 this week with a review of their chapter test.  Chapter Three develops understanding of multiplication and division.  Students will learn how to use multiplication and division properties. They will also learn to identify factors and multiples.

I am amazed at the number of reminders to share.  The bolded dates are specific to our class an the non-bolded dates are all-school calendar items.


  • October 19th; Last day to turn in Box Tops!
  • October 21st; Episcopal School Sunday
  • October 25th; Field trip to Community Food Bank
  • October 30th; Reading Log due
  • October 31st; Relaxed Dress
  • November 2nd; THIRD GRADE BAKE SALE
  • November 5th; Canned Food Drive Begins
  • November 9th; Field Day, First Trimester Ends, NOON Dismissal
  • November 12th; No School


Spelling October 15, 2018

Words with Digraphs ck, sh

  1. attack
  2. buck
  3. clash
  4. flesh
  5. livestock
  6. quickness
  7. shallow
  8. sharpen
  9. shed
  10. shout
  11. sickness
  12. speckled
  13. thrash
  14. tricky
  15. vanish

Watch-Out Words

  • blew
  • blue
  • fir
  • fur



This week students start by observing the human body jumping rope. They count the number of bones in the skeleton, first without visual aids, then using photographs and posters to help make a more accurate count. On Friday, students will assemble a model of a human skeleton from memory. They will compare and discuss their models and then compare a picture of an accurate model to their own.


After Fall Break  – Students dissect rodent bones from owl pellets and compare them to human bones. They explore joints and their role in movement focusing on opposable thumbs. Students build operational models of muscle-bone systems to see how muscles move bones. They investigate their skin by making and analyzing fingerprint patterns.

The Dog Ate My Homework!

Yikes!  My dog, Grace, destroyed my weekend homework.  I returned home from my Saturday morning meeting and found a big mess on the dining room floor.  Grace unpacked my backpack and shredded the papers I planned to grade in the afternoon.  Students’ papers were in pieces! Some suffered more damage than others.  It’s a good thing I love puzzles, because I spent the rest of the afternoon puzzling the math and spelling papers together with a lot of tape.  Fortunately, I was able to reconstruct them well enough to complete my weekend homework.

Our language arts unit two begins this week.  The theme is Nature’s Balance and the BIG question we’ll explore is “What happens when nature looses its balance?”  The first reading selection, When the Pigs Took Over, is a humorous story.  We will compare and contrast characters’ words at the beginning of the story and at the end, as well as what the characters learn.

Math chapter 2 will finish this week.  A review is scheduled on Wednesday and the chapter test and vocabulary quiz will happen on Thursday, October 4th.  Map skills work is studying a variety of maps and learning about their different purposes.

Is your child an Athlete – oops make that a Mathlete?

Would he/she like to be one?  Maybe?

Well we have got a deal for you!  This coming Monday, October 1, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.  there will be a meeting of anyone who thinks they might like to be a Mathlete.  (A Mathlete is a math student who goes to various competitions and competes against other schools in math.)  Ms. Murphy and Ms. Gould will be “showing kids the ropes ” of mathlete training so that they can decide whether or not to join the Mathlete Club.

This year Mathletes will be more like Athletes meeting after school and paying a fee for the after-school training. The 3rdthrough 6thgrade team will meet each Monday school is in session from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in Ms. Murphy’s room. The 7thand 8thgrade team will meet every other Monday with Ms. Gould.  A notice with more specifics, like dates and fees, will be sent home in the Eagle Express on Wed., Oct. 3.

So please encourage your child to come on Monday  if he/she is at all interested in Math Competition which is what Matheletes is all about.  Thanks for considering this.

Judi Breault (math teacher and enthusiast)


  • September 24 – October 19; Box Tops for Education
  • October 3; Progress Report comes home
  • October 4; Math chapter 2 test and vocabulary quiz
  • October 8-12; Fall Break
  • October 21; Episcopal School Sunday
  • November 3; Third Grade Bake Sale for Community Food Bank


Spelling October 1, 2018

Words with Short e

  1. central
  2. connect
  3. correction
  4. element
  5. enemy
  6. everywhere
  7. exception
  8. exist
  9. insect
  10. messy
  11. pester
  12. several
  13. stem
  14. upset
  15. whenever

Watch-Out Words

  • ant
  • aunt
  • deer
  • dear

September 24, 2018

Language Arts unit 1 assessments will finish early this week.  Look for them in Wednesday’s Eagle Express.  The balance of the week in language arts will include unit 1 review of concepts needing more study, spelling words and biography projects prepared in class.  Last week, students read about Nelson Mandela, Jackie Robinson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  More research will take place this week while students prepare informational posters.  We will begin presenting our finished products on Friday.

BookIt! reading program information comes home in Wednesday’s Eagle Express.  Students set a reading goal for the month and will prepare a creative project about one of their reading books from an assigned genre.  The program is sponsored by Pizza Hut and the link below offers additional information.

BookIt! Program

Map Skills continues to develop knowledge of map symbols and intermediate directions. After using a highway map children will practice different map scales.  Math lessons develop several new strategies, ie., addition properties and subtraction rules, estimation, and subtracting across zeros.


  • September 24 – October 19; Box Tops for Education
  • September 25th; Class Picture- wear red and khaki
  • September 26th; Individual Picture- wear personal choice
  • October 3; Progress Report comes home
  • October 8-12; Fall Break
  • October 21; Episcopal School Sunday
  • November 3; Third Grade Bake Sale for Community Food Bank



Spelling List for Week Beginning September 24, 2018

Biography Story Words

  1. admire
  2. continue
  3. convince
  4. courage
  5. separate
  6. citizen
  7. collection
  8. comfort
  9. confident
  10. private
  11. contract
  12. ignore
  13. patient
  14. success
  15. haul
  16. limit
  17. stern
  18. urge
  19. wealth
  20. biography


September 17, 2018

This week, Language Arts explores a narrator’s point of view. Students will read a biography article about  Jospeh Lekuton, who was born in Kenya. We will watch his TED Talk about his plan to help his “…community to move forward and become a model to help others develop”.  TED talk

Vocabulary practice reminds students of strategies to determine an unknown word’s meaning, and writing compares formal and informal language.  The end of the week wraps up Language Arts Unit 1’s theme; Happy to help.  The unit assessments, scheduled at the end of the week, cover reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills from weeks 1-4.

Math Chapter 2 begins this week and explores multi-step problem solving with addition and subtraction.  Several strategies are practiced, ie., addition properties and subtraction rules, estimation, and subtracting across zeros.


  • September 19th; NOON DISMISSAL
  • September 25th; Class Picture- wear red and khaki
  • September 26th; Individual Picture- wear personal choice
  • October, first week; Progress Report comes home

Spelling September 17, 2018

Words with Digraphs ch, tch

  1. approach
  2. catch
  3. change
  4. charming
  5. chosen
  6. coach
  7. ditch
  8. itching
  9. latch
  10. pitched
  11. pouches
  12. reach
  13. riches
  14. searching
  15. watching

Watch-Out Words

  • this
  • these
  • that
  • those


Students took their first test in science today and returned to their teacher to hopefully make it into the Eagle Express for your to review with your child.

We are moving on to the human body in our Structures of Life unit.   Students will learn about the skeletal system and how humans are structured so that we move the way we do.  We will explore the amazing opposable thumb, find similarities between animal and human bones, dissect owl pellets, learn about our fingerprints, plus lots more.  Stay tuned!


Lisa Jamison

K-5 Science Teacher


Students will have a quiz on Wednesday, September 12.  They were give a study guide and a review on Friday, September 7.   Students are encouraged to take their journals home to study.

September 10, 2018

This  week, we are assessing our progress in Math with a chapter 1 test and vocabulary quiz on Tuesday, September 11th.  Click here for My Math online resources.  I recommend that students review the chapter’s six lessons and vocabulary words.  My Math online provides resources to help  confirm a student’s readiness for assessment.  Many online lessons have a tutorial, self-check quiz, game, song, and extra worksheets for learning and deliberate practice.  After the completed assessment is reviewed with the children, we’ll start chapter two, which builds on our understanding of place value as we add and subtract whole numbers, estimate sums and differences, and solve multi-step word problems.


Casa Maria, on a Friday each month, is one of our third grade community service projects.  This week on Friday, third graders will help St. Michael’s Church prepare 500 lunches for hungry people in our community for the Casa Maria organization.  First, our part is preparing the brown paper lunch bags with fruit.  We will set them up on long tables in Smith Center.  Students’ energy is powerful as they work together to accomplish their task in less than 30 minutes. Next, parishioners arrive and make 500 egg salad and 500 lunch meat sandwiches.  Then, the lunches are finished after cookies are added to the bags. Church volunteers distribute the lunches on Saturday.  All are welcome to help parishioners make sandwiches Friday evening beginning at 6:00 pm.


  • September 14th; Vision Screening
  • September 19th; NOON DISMISSAL
  • September 25th; Class Picture- wear red and khaki
  • September 26th; Individual Picture- wear personal choice
  • October, first week; Progress Report comes home

 Field Trip Planning Progress

  • First week in November TBD; Community Food Bank
  • January 18th; Tucson Presidio
  • February 15th; Tubac School House
  • TBD; Ft. Lowell Museum, Third Grade Year-end Swim Party, Sweetwater Wetlands

Spelling September 10, 2018

Words with Short i and Short u

  1. awful
  2. citizen
  3. conduct
  4. decision
  5. disagree
  6. establish
  7. hectic
  8. inquire
  9. interrupt
  10. opinion
  11. results
  12. submit
  13. success
  14. suggestion
  15. witness

Watch-Out Words

  • could have
  • should have
  • would have
  • might have

September 3, 2018

Volunteers are valuable

Thank you for attending Curriculum Night. I enjoyed visiting with you and hope I answered your questions.  If you weren’t able to attend, I have handouts available.  I also want to extend my thanks in advance to 3A Room Parents. Third grade A and B room parent volunteers will help schedule third grade field trips, class auction projects, and plan the third grade year-end party.  Watch for their emails and posts on the classroom bulletin boards.  Many hands make light work and additional volunteer opportunities are available. I am looking for a volunteer to sort finished work into Finished Work folders.  This task may be taken home on Monday or Tuesday each week and returned Wednesday morning for distribution in the weekly Eagle Express.  Let me know if you are interested.

Tucson Fire Department visits Thursday to teach fire safety.  A permission slip will come home Tuesday and needs to be returned before Thursday’s visit if children want to experience the evacuation simulation with artificial smoke. The permission slip describes the artificial smoke as “fake and non-toxic”.

This week Wednesday, Finished Work folders will come home in the Eagle Express.  It contains the previous week’s  assessments.  The Finished Work folders will have graded work that has been recorded in my grade-book.  Occasionally, I will write a note on a paper and will request review, correction, or completion. Typically, those notes have already been attended to by the student. My initials and/or a strike through mark on the paper confirms that it is finished work.  If my initials aren’t there, students know that I expect requested corrections or completions returned with in a week.

Book-orders earn free books for the classroom

In last week’s Eagle Express there was a Scholastic book club order form. if you are planning to place a book-order from Scholastic make sure it’s turned in or ordered online before the due date.  Susie Huerta-Rojas manages the Scholastic book-orders for my class as well as several other classes and  her contact information is susiehuerta@aol.com.

I suggest students begin studying multiplication facts daily. Mad Minutes begins this week. The Mad Minutes drill is not a graded activity.  The goal is to develop mastery of multiplication and division facts.  Each student progresses at their own pace.  The first level is multiplying by zero and one. Students will have four minutes to complete 100 basic multiplication facts. imageWhen they successfully answer a minimum of ninety-five problems accurately, students move to the next level, multiplying by two, then by three, etc. Our goal is for everyone to reach division facts by Christmas break.  Mastery before we begin long division and fractions helps students focus on the new concepts and not become bogged down in strategies for basic facts. I expect children to make progress each time we have Mad Minutes, which is two or three times a week. For example, if a student answers twenty-three problems, then, the next time that student should answer more than twenty-three problems.

Language Arts continues to explore the theme Happy to Help.  This week students will read poems that show kindness.  In Math this week, students will finish lesson 4, then take a Check My Progress assessment mid week.  Social Studies introduces Geography Spin magazine.  It is published by Scholastic, Inc. and supports our map skills lessons.

  • September 3rd; No School, Labor Day
  • September 6th; Tucson Fire Department’s Safety Visit
  • Sseptember 7th; Book orders due
  • September 19th; NOON DISMISSAL
  • September 25th; Class Picture wearing red and khaki
  • September 26th; Individual Picture wearing personal choice
  • October, first week; Progress Report comes home


Spelling September 3, 2018

Words with Short a and Short o

  1. advice
  2. bothered
  3. busybody
  4. common
  5. conference
  6. dollars
  7. honest
  8. jobless
  9. manage
  10. model
  11. onward
  12. problem
  13. promise
  14. satisfy
  15. transform

Watch-Out Words

  • you’re
  • your
  • eye
  • I