Resources for President Project

In Computer Class this week students were introduced to the database Biography in Context to browse possible sources for their President project. You can continue searching this database with your child by clicking on this page and scrolling down to the bottom:

You will need to provide an Arizona zip code to get free access to the database.

While some of the reading materials in this collection are above grade level, you can help your student narrow his/her search by selecting the Advanced Search option at the top of the page and then selecting Basic or Intermediate under Content Level.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance by emailing me at

Thank you,
Ms. Hawes




Trimester report cards come home this week. Please, carefully review your child’s report card with him or her and guide your child to set a goal for the second trimester. A few ideas may include adding a study skill to a subject area, reviewing homework time management skills, or encouraging your child to communicate with me regarding ideas for academic growth. Parents, grandparents, and teachers are all on the student’s team and can provide the necessary scaffolding for each child to experience a great school year of academic, emotional, and spiritual growth. Life is a joy and so should be learning!

The food drive continues until 8:00am on Monday, November 20th.  The students have set a goal to bring in an average of 17 cans per student.  Last week, cans and cash donations reached 191 for our class!  I’m very impressed with their efforts to lend a helping hand.  Additionally,  the third grade bake sale earned $438.00! Yippee!!  Thank you to all who generously donated their time and talents to make the sale a success.

Language Arts grammar explores singular and plural nouns, spelling visits multisyllabic words, and readings review making inferences and evaluating sensory details, writing develops skills with Haiku poetry, and vocabulary studies multiple-meaning words.

This week, Social Studies begins a unit of study about the history of Tucson from 1700 – statehood.  As part of our studies, a field trip is planned to Tubac, Arizona’s historic school house next month.  Students will participate in a living history experience as students in the 1800’s.

Math Chapter three wraps up this week.  The chapter assessment and vocabulary quiz will be scheduled late this week or early next week.


November 20; Food Drive Ends at 8:00am

November 22-24; No School; Thanksgiving

November 30; Presidential Profile Poster and Reading Log are due

December 4; Holiday Giving Begins

December 8; St. Nicholas Day Program at 2:00pm in the Student Center

December 14; Field Trip to Tubac, AZ school house

December 18; Holiday Giving Ends

Resources for School Reports

In Computer Class this month students have been learning about reliable resources for school reports. The Arizona State Library and Public Records has collections of free databases where students can login using only an Arizona zip code.

Does your child love a specific book and want to find something similar to read? Look at Novelist Plus. Need information on a specific person for a report? Try WorldBook Kids. Want to browse by general subject about topics such as animals, sports, or health? Search Kids Infobits.

To access all of these free databases with your child just click here:

Also, for more information on finding reliable resources for school assignments, check out Common Sense Media’s tips on where to look and other important considerations.

~Ms. Hawes

This week is short but there is a lot going on! Please, show off your style by following the spirit day themes – uniforms not required when you participate.

Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in the many opportunities last week.  Drivers, bakers, sellers, st-up, take-down, and celebrators made the busy week very special for the students.  We couldn’t do it without your gifts of time and joyful spirit!  The bake sale results are not yet available, but I’m confident we earned hundreds of dollars for the Community Food Bank!  This year during the CFB field trip, we learned about Family Volunteer Days. Several days are set aside each month  for families to volunteer together at the CFB.  We also learned that $1 donated to the CFB equals four meals with their buying power.  Additionally, TEP will match our cash donations!

Next week begins the annual canned food drive.  St. Michael’s collects for the CFB and the church’s food pantry.  Cash and checks payable to the CFB may also be donated.  Each year a theme is determined to encourage friendly competition! This year our theme is a Turkey Trot .  1 can = $1 = 1 yard.  One lap around the park is equivalent to 1/6 of a mile or about 293 yards. Our class will use this information to help us predict how many laps our turkey will trot!  The progress of each class will be on display via a turkey trot race on the bulletin boards in the front of the school. Should be fun!


Monday 11.6
Crazy Hair / Crazy Socks
Canned Food Drive Begins

Tuesday 11.7
Favorite Color

Wednesday 11.8
Favorite Sports Team

Thursday 11.9
Field Day 8:00-12:00

Friday 11.10
Veterans Day Observed No School





Moving on from Life Science to Earth Science, 3rd graders will be studying Water and Climate.  Here’s what we will be doing the next couple of weeks:

Students investigate water — a critical factor defining weather and climate. Students explore the phenomena of water’s observable properties, its interactions with other materials and substrates, and make connections to outdoor experiences with water. Students compare the ways water interacts with four different surfaces. They compare the rate of flow of water on different slopes. They explore how sponges interact with water to soak up spills. Students go outdoors to explore how water interacts with natural materials.

Spirit Week

 at St. Michael’s

November 6-9

We keep the excitement high all week, culminating with Field Day on Thursday!  Middle School and Lower School participate with different activities.  Kindergarten through third grade has the following agenda for Spirit Week.  Participation in the activities Monday – Wednesday is optional.

Monday 11.6 – Crazy Hair & Crazy Socks

Tuesday 11.7 – Favorite Color

Wednesday 11.8 – Favorite Sports Team

Thursday 11.9 – Field Day T-Shirts

everyone will receive a field day t-shirt as they were payed for through the activity fee this year:)




Busy, Busier, Busiest

Third graders are excited  to  celebrate Halloween at school.  They may wear their costumes to school on Tuesday, October 31st. Guidelines require that while wearing their costumes, students can sit at their desk, and move freely during recess and participate fully at P.E.  Gory or bloody costumes, images, and weapons are not appropriate costumes or accessories in the school setting. Masks may only be worn during the parade which begins at 2:45pm following our Halloween celebration.

Thursday, we go on our Field Trip to the Community Food Bank.  We leave at 8:45 and will return before lunch.  To prepare for the launch of our Canned Food Drive November 6th, we will learn how our donations of food and dollars help others.  It is fun to see how the Food Bank operates. Friday is our Bake Sale.  The money we raise goes to the Community Food Bank.  We turn our funds in on the day TEP doubles donations, so it goes a long way.  I believe we still need workers to help at the Bake Sale.  You can sign up online or talk to Alisa Reed or Sarah Hoover.

Third graders will attend chapel with fourth through eighth grades on November 3rd in celebration of Day of the Dead. Later in the day, our class will paint sugar skulls.  The kids will start painting around 2:30,  so, mark your calendars if you want to see who has the best skull painting.  In addition to decorating skulls, please, have your children bring in a picture of a loved one or pet who has passed.  We will have an alter in class dedicated to those who have touched our lives and are no longer with us. Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is similar to All Souls Day and typically celebrated on November 1st & 2nd.  The creation of the alter is in remembrance of our family and friends who are no longer here.


  • October 30th; Reading Log and Project are due
  • October 31st; Relaxed Dress, Halloween theme
  • November 2nd; Field trip to Community Food Bank
  • November 3rd; THIRD GRADE BAKE SALE
  • November 6th; Canned Food Drive Begins
  • November 9th; Field Day and Noon Dismissal
  • November 10th; No School / Grading Day


There will be a quiz on Monday, October 30 over our human body unit.  A study guide will be given and gone over on Friday, October 27.


Thank you Grand Parents and Grand Friends for spending your Friday morning with us!  Grandparents Day provided third graders a chance to share their school day with their special guests.  We sang songs about the beautiful day and our big dreams, shared STEM Friday math and LEGOS challenges, played a game; “I Have, Who Has”, displayed our measurement and data STEM project, and enjoyed lite refreshments.  Smiles were plentiful and fun activities kept our hearts joyful.  Click:   Grandparents Day Video

We begin chapter three math this week.  The chapter teaches students to multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one-digit whole number, and multiply two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations.  Additionally, students will illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models.

Unit two language arts finishes this week. We are reading Megafish Man.  Like a biography, a human-interest feature gives factual information about a person’s life.  But the author of a human-interest feature hopes to inspire emotional reactions to the facts about a person’s life.  Grammar studies include independent and dependent clauses and conjunctions to join clauses.  Spelling words feature consonant blends.

Social Studies map skills look at using political maps and a place’s name, which can be a clue to its unique history or features.

Drivers are needed for our field trip, November 2nd, to the Community Food Bank.  We will leave at 8:30 and return to school in time for lunch.  A sign up is posted on the classroom bulletin board.

Volunteers are also needed for the third grade bake sale.  We’re using Sign-up Genius to organize baked goods and time slots to work at the sale before school, during lunch, and after school.  Please check your e-mails for a Sign Up Genius invitation.


  • October 30th; Reading Log and Project are due
  • October 31st; Relaxed Dress
  • November 2nd; Field trip to Community Food Bank
  • November 3rd; THIRD GRADE BAKE SALE
  • November 6th; Canned Food Drive Begins



Halloween, Bake Sale, and Day of the Dead!

Join us for the Halloween Party on Tuesday, October 31st at 2:00.  We have games, crafts, and yummy treats, to be followed by the school wide parade at 2:50.  Parents are always welcome, and we would love the help.  A volunteer sign-up sheet will be posted outside the classroom.
It’s time for coffee and baked goods.  During the coffee corner on Friday, November 3rd, both third grade classes will jointly hold a Bake Sale to benefit the Community Food Bank.  Our children will help staff the tables, and we need all the parent help we can get.  Each family is asked to contribute baked items.  Please check your e-mails for a Sign Up Genius email where you can indicate what you are bringing and sign up to help the kids sell the yummy treats. We will also be selling items at lunch and after school.  Donuts, cupcakes, brownies, and cookies are big hits.  The donuts usually sell out first.  Thank you so much in advance.  We couldn’t do it without you!
In addition to school activities  for Day of the Dead, our class will have will paint sugar skulls at the end of the day on November 3rd.  The kids will start painting around 2:30,  so mark your calendars if you want to see who has the best skull painting.
Many thanks and have a good day,
 Michelle and Kacy