December 9, 2019

Dear K-4 Families,

Happy December!  Our St. Nicholas Day / Christmas performance will take place on December 13th at 2:00 PM.  The performance features your children singing beautiful Christmas songs.  The students have been working diligently on memorizing their songs and learning stage placement and timing.  It should be a fabulous show!

Please have your child wear “Fancy Christmas attire”.  I have explained to the boys and girls that I’d like them to dress up.  For example, church attire or what you would wear when dining at a nice restaurant for the holidays. I have shared with the students that the girls may wear nice dresses and/or pants and a fancy top.  I want the boys to wear pants and a button down.  Many of the boys asked if they could were ties and I would love that! 

I have spoken with the K-4 teachers and the students can come to school dressed for the performance or you can send your child’s clothing with them to change into after lunch.  Please check with your child’s homeroom teacher to see what he or she would prefer.

Thanks for your help making our St. Nicholas / Christmas Show a success.


Karise Allen (Ms. Allen)

Student Highlights this week

  • PE Flag Football on Tuesday and Sharks and Minnows with flag belts on Thursday
  • Technology Angry Birds on and Dr. Teller as the substitute
  • Math quiz confidence
  • Santa’s gift in our shoes on Friday
  • Science quiz ease
  • Placing ornaments on the classroom Christmas tree
  • Language Arts learning for the Friday assessment
  • Mystery genre for the new reading log
  • lots of cursive writing


  • December 13; St. Nicholas Day Program 2pm
  • December 20; Las Posadas and Lessons and Carols Advent Service
  • December 20; Noon Dismissal
  • January 10; Ft. Lowell Museum field trip
  • January 13 – January 27; Parent Teacher Conferences
  • January 24; Tubac School Room field trip

Plural Words Formed with –s, -es

  1. acres
  2. bananas
  3. branches
  4. bulbs
  5. bunches
  6. bushes
  7. carrots
  8. floods
  9. labels
  10. meadows
  11. melons
  12. messes
  13. patterns
  14. recesses
  15. speeches

Watch-Out Words

  • sew
  • so
  • sow


3rd graders are wrapping up our Unit on Structures of Life this week.  There will be a final quiz on Friday, December 6.  A study guide will be reviewed and sent home on Wednesday, December 4.

Our new unit will be Water and Climate.  Look for more detailed information to come home next week!



November 25, 2019

Students’ Highlights Last Week

  • Dodge Ball in PE
  • Tucson Presidio Field Trip!
    • making tortillas
    • gardening
    • washing clothes
    • eating fresh baked bread
    • marching as soldiers
    • tin smithing ornaments
    • playing old time games
  • Lots of rainy days
  • Half Day Wednesday
  • Symphony’s string quartet visited 2nd – 4th grades
  • Singing Christmas carols in Music
  • Third grade total cans and money 1074!!!!

Spelling Words with VCe and Words with Long and Short vowels

Week of December 2, 2019

  1. alive
  2. awaken
  3. decorate
  4. entire
  5. grape
  6. hike
  7. lonely
  8. mole
  9. prune
  10. quite
  11. roses
  12. spruce
  13. stake
  14. twice
  15. volume

Watch-Out Words

  • rose
  • rows
  • die
  • dye

Field Trip Details!!

Friday’s Tucson Presidio field trip details are:

  • Wear red and khaki and outerwear appropriate for a chilly morning.  We are outside the entire field trip.
  • Bring a sack lunch including a drink.  Lunches are stored in a cooler.
  • Departure is 9:00am and return to school is approximately 2:00pm.
  • Dismissal is at our regular time; 3:00pm
  • Food at various stations include; wheat tortillas, hard tack, and baked bread, butter and watermelon


November 18, 2019

Language Arts continues to answer the big question “What’s so amazing about plants?”  The main reading selection this week is a collection of Haiku poems about amazing plants that provide amazing foods.  Students will use reading comprehension skills to evaluate and explain sensory details.  During grammar lessons students study count nouns.

Unit Three math began last week and is titled Travel Stories and Collections.  The unit focuses on understanding and extending knowledge of  place value and the number system to 1000, and adding and subtracting accurately and efficiently.

Three Social Studies field trips are scheduled in support of our Tucson History unit which begins this month.  November 22nd we visit the Tucson Presidio. Their Friday at the Fort program provides hands-on learning opportunities for children.  Volunteers present a variety of activities to small groups of children from calligraphy to household chores to games. Then, the trip to the Ft. Lowell Museum shares wonderful information and artifacts of the native Americans and soldiers in the mid to late 1800s. Finally, our visit to the Tubac Schoolhouse in January creates an authentic 1885 school experience for the children.

Tubac Schoolhouse

We dress in period style costume, play old fashioned games, and bring lunch wrapped in cloth or carried in a tin pail.  School room lessons reflect the style of the time, including the “dunce cap”.  Several costume pieces have been collected, however not enough for everyone.  Please, begin brainstorming what you may already have that could represent the time period.  Stop by the classroom after the Christmas break and browse what we have to find ideas and inspiration.


Calendar Reminders

  • November 20th; Noon Dismissal
  • November 22; Tucson Presidio “Friday at the Fort” field trip
  • November 25; Canned Food Drive Ends 8am
  • November 27-29; no school
  • December 13; St. Nicholas Day Program 2pm
  • January 10; Ft. Lowell Museum field trip
  • January 13 – January 27; Parent Teacher Conferences
  • January 24; Tubac School Room field trip

Spelling Word; Multisyllabic Words

  1. autumn
  2. bamboo
  3. couple
  4. entrance
  5. familiar
  6. greenery
  7. hobby
  8. magnify
  9. ordinary
  10. poison
  11. powder
  12. properly
  13. recognize
  14. scatter
  15. separate

Watch-Out Words

  • berry
  • bury
  • beet
  • beat

November 11, 2019

Students’ Highlights from the week

  • Art students drew and painted ducks based on style of artist  James Rizzi
  • Played  Tower Takedown and King Pin in PE
  • FIELD DAY new games
  • Science study of bones found in owl pellets
  • Food Drive current total over 500 in $ and cans
  • Seeing everyones’ Paper Plate Pal book report project
  • Scratch in Technology;  characters were created and finished
  • Music practice of Christmas carols
  • Math learning about line plots

Spelling: Words with long e, i and o

  1. armload
  2. beaming
  3. carefree
  4. clover
  5. delight
  6. event
  7. feature
  8. fiber
  9. greenhouse
  10. local
  11. odor
  12. peanut
  13. potato
  14. tidal
  15. zebra

Watch-Out Words

  • heal
  • heel
  • he’ll

November 4, 2019

This week, St. Michael’s begins the annual canned food drive.  The drive runs through Monday, November 25th at 8:00am.  St. Michael’s collects nutritious canned food and non-perishables for the Community Food Bank and St. Michael’s food pantry. 1 can = $1.00.   The bake sale money earned last month counts towards our total, so we’re well on our way to making our goal of 400 cans. Cash and checks payable to the CFB may also be donated.  Thank you for your support!

Unit two language arts finishes this week. We are reading Megafish Man.  Like a biography, a human-interest feature gives factual information about a person’s life.  But the author of a human-interest feature hopes to inspire emotional reactions to the facts about a person’s life.  Grammar studies include independent and dependent clauses and conjunctions to join clauses.  Spelling words feature consonant blends.

Social Studies map skills look at using political maps and a place’s name, which can be a clue to its unique history or features.

In math this week, we will continue our study of data. Our first investigation of analyzing categorical data is complete and we will begin to look at measurement data.  We will discuss equivalent measurements in yards, feet, and inches, and will work to measure accurately to the nearest half-inch. We will learn to represent our data using line plots and will work on making accurate mathematical observations about the data we collect.

Student Highlights This Week

  • Halloween Party and Parade
  • Art; free draw pictures
  • Dissecting owl pellets
  • Dia de Las Muertas chapel
  • Paper Plate Pal project
  • Technology; Finishing a level in Scratch
  • PE; playing Medic
  • Music; rehearsing Christmas songs
  • Writing a book summary
  • Line plots data collection

Calendar Reminders

  • November 8th; Field Day and noon dismissal
  • November 11th; No School
  • Report Cards come home between 11/12-11/15
  • November 20th; Noon Dismissal
  • November 22; Tucson Presidio “Friday at the Fort” field trip
  • January 24; Tubac School Room field trip

Spelling Words with Consonant Blends

  1. claws
  2. clumps
  3. consist
  4. drank
  5. entrap
  6. grunt
  7. hound
  8. pleasant
  9. refresh
  10. result
  11. sleek
  12. smear
  13. sneak
  14. stray
  15. trend

Watch-Out Words

  • be
  • bee
  • hair
  • hare

October 28, 2019

Join us for the Halloween Party on Thursday, October 31st at 2:00.  We have games, crafts, music and yummy treats, to be followed by the Kindergarten – Fourth Grade Halloween Parade at 2:45.  Parents are always welcome, and we would love the help.  Watch for Room Parents asking soon for volunteer sign-ups.

This week in Language Arts, we are reading When the Wolves Returned.  Students will practice the reading strategy of identifying cause and effect.  Grammar lessons include contractions, simple sentences and compound subjects and compound predicates.  Third grade’s math investigation about about graphs concludes and our exploration of line plots begins mid week.  Map skills for Today continues our journey across the nation.


  • October 31st; Halloween Party 2:00pm  and Parade 2:45 pm
  • November 8th; Field Day and noon dismissal
  • November 11th; No School
  • November 20th; Noon Dismissal
  • November 22; Tucson Presidio “Friday at the Fort” field trip
  • January 24; Tubac School Room field trip

Words with Digraphs th, ng

  1. although
  2. belong
  3. during
  4. feathers
  5. fitting
  6. nothing
  7. rather
  8. springing
  9. strength
  10. stung
  11. surroundings
  12. therefore
  13. thorny
  14. throughout
  15. together

Watch-Out Words

  • neither
  • nor
  • either
  • or

October 21, 2019

Highlights from the week

  • Symphony Wind quintet
  • “Did you know …”
  • Attending Science with Mr. Gould’s class
  • PE game of Capture the Flag Football with multiple balls
  • Having a fun time use different building materials with kindergarten
  • Spanish class when everyone earned a star punch
  • Small group book talks
  • Spanish class selling foods in the Spanish language
  • Technology game Scratch where you program
  • Grasshopper, Frogs and Hawks Science game


  • October 20th; Episcopal School Sunday
  • October 31st; Halloween Party and Parade
  • November 8th; Field Day and noon dismissal
  • November 11th; No School
  • November 20th; Noon Dismissal
  • November 22; Tucson Presidio “Friday at the Fort” field trip
  • January 24; Tubac School Room field trip

Words with Digraphs ck, sh

  1. attack
  2. buck
  3. clash
  4. flesh
  5. livestock
  6. quickness
  7. shallow
  8. sharpen
  9. shed
  10. shout
  11. sickness
  12. speckled
  13. thrash
  14. tricky
  15. vanish

Watch-Out Words

  • blew
  • blue
  • fir
  • fur