All Shapes and Sizes

 Goodbyes come in all shapes and sizes this week. Third graders will gather with their eighth grade buddies Monday morning for a visit and game.  Thursday, we share awards and goodbyes during our class party. Friday, finishes the week and school year at All School Chapel. 
During Eighth Grade Buddy Breakfast we will play “All Together Now,” which challenges three groups to create and demonstrate a simple cheer with movement and sound. After each group performs their cheer for others, then, on my cue, “All together now,” all groups will choose one of the three cheers and present to each other at the same time. If different cheers are performed, students hear me say, “Not together, yet!”  Additional rounds are played until all three groups choose the same cheer at the same time. 

Goodbyes will continue Thursday during the third grade party at the Tucson Country Club. Parents are welcome to join us or drop in as time allows. At 2:00 Mrs. Schultz and I will present awards to our students and room parents. She and I enjoy our tradition of acknowledging each student for one of their many talents. Sometimes we’re serious and sometimes we’re silly. Awards will wrap up around 2:30 and children are dismissed to their parents or carpool. Please, let me know if your child is part of a carpool or will need a ride back to school.

Excellent desk cleaner

Classroom clean up is scheduled Friday morning. After students gather all their belongings, we scrub our desks.  Shaving cream is our cleaner of choice. The result is a room full of fresh smelling, clean desks.

Finally at 11:15, All School Chapel brings everyone to the gym for Eagle Awards and goodbyes to the eighth graders. The Eagle Award is given to students who are role models of good citizenship. Award recipients are hard working students who show compassion for classmates and stewardship towards school.

Another piece of this chapel is the story Oh, the Place You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, which is read to the eighth graders by Mrs. Moore.  Oh, the Places you’ll Go  builds to an emotional good-bye as these student leaders head off for high school with well wishes from the entire community.

Sadly and happily, class dismisses at noon, and our third grade family also says goodbye to the Primary Courtyard. Your children have grown in many ways academically, socially, physically, and spiritually this year. I’ve enjoyed every minute and I’m pleased to say they are ready for the next step.

Stop in anytime and let me know about your future successes!  I know there will be many!

Have a great summer!


  • May 25th; End-of-Year Class Party Field Trip to Tucson Country Club
  • May 26th; Noon dismissal
  • August 18th; First Day of Fourth Grade!

It’s Hit Me

Art Expo, WOW!  The new Tankersley Hall was a wonderful gallery venue for third graders’ amazing art.   I was also impressed by the talent of students’ performances in Creswell Courtyard.  I snapped a few pictures to share here.

It’s hit me that little time is left in the school year.  I always avoid acknowledging the end of the school year.  I just want to keep on going with my kiddos as long as possible.  I think if I’m not talking up the end of the year, I can prolong my attachment to my current group of delightful students.  We’ve grown close and finished a lot of learning.  I want to continue to praise their accomplishments and scaffold their challenges toward success. It’s bittersweet to begin that annual process of acknowledging that third graders are ready and eager to launch onward to fourth grade.  They are ready for their next academic adventure.

The next two weeks offer several wonderful happenings.   After our morning field trip on Wednesday, to Sweetwater Wetlands, we are attending a preview of kindergarten’s play, The Runaway Tortilla, in the afternoon.  On Thursday morning, we attend Upper School Mass for the first time. During the last week of school, our Third grade year-end party is on Thursday, and on Friday, we will pack-up personal belongings and clean the classroom desks with shaving cream.  Finally, we finish third grade at  All-School Chapel honoring eighth graders.


  • May 15th; Chapter 8 math test and vocabulary quiz
  • May 17th; Field Trip to Sweetwater Wetlands
  • May 25th; End-of-Year Class Party Field Trip to Tucson Country Club
  • May 26th; Noon dismissal




Computer Class Typing Speed Requirement

This year in computer class we have gradually transitioned from focusing solely on correct finger placement when typing to adding a speed requirement. The chart below explains what will be required in the future.

Since the 4th grade computer class grade will be mainly based on typing speed next year (16 words per minute at the end of the 1st trimester), it’s very important that students practice typing at home this summer, especially if they have not reached 15 wpm yet. We will not spend much time doing focused typing practice in class in 4th grade but rather use typing in context by learning how to use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Many students who are typing at a low speed also have a habit of resorting to hunting and pecking and/or using the incorrect fingers during typing exercises. Please keep an eye out for this and, if possible, help supervise typing practice to remind them to “keep their pointer fingers on F & J” and “use the correct fingers.” shows two hands under each exercise, and the correct finger for the next character automatically is highlighted in blue, so there should be no questions.

You can check your child’s progress by having them log in to and clicking on “Test” at the top. It tracks their previous typing tests including a nice line graph so they can see their scores going up over time.

May Field Trips

Inside the Eagle Express this week, you will find two field trip permission slips.   Please, sign both and return this week.  If you are interested in driving to Sweetwater Wetlands on May 17th or to Tucson Country Club on May 25th,  driver sign-ups are posted on the classroom bulletin board.

Sweetwater Wetlands is a water treatment facility, an urban wildlife habitat, and an outdoor classroom. It is open to the public seven days a week for self-guided tours.  Project WET is the reason we are visiting.  The Project WET program envisions “… a world in which action-oriented education enables every child to understand and value water, ensuring a sustainable future.” The following link is from ProjectWET’s website and helps children learn about the role of water in our lives;

During the field trip, several exciting and fun, hands-on activities keep the children busy all morning as they rotate through stations.  At the water cycle station, a dice game is played where students become a droplet of water and experience where that droplet may travel.  They record their droplet  journey by creating a bead bracelet.  Another station offers opportunity for children to engage in watershed management.  A topographical land form is used by students to demonstrate strategies to control rain water runoff to avoid flooding.  A third station predicts and discusses household water use and water conservation strategies.  The water relay at this station is a favorite Project WET activity.


  • May 12th; 5:30pm; Art Expo
  • May 17th; Field Trip to Sweetwater Wetlands
  • May 19th, 7:00pm; Fine Arts Night for grades 4-8
  • May 25th; End-of-Year Class Party Field Trip to Tucson Country Club
  • May 26th; Noon dismissal


Projects Are Fabulous!

Terrific Tucson History Projects are on display! The children are pleased with their efforts and are knowledgeable about their project’s historical connection to Tucson. We are enjoying each presentation from student experts and are learning about differing opinions regarding which dates are most important in changing lives for Tucson people long ago.

Please, visit our projects.  You may visit in person or view photos by clicking on Tucson History on our blog.

Practice daily sun protection!

Practice daily sun protection!

Please, remember daily that hats, refillable water bottles, and sunscreen are strongly encouraged!


Mixing Materials:

This week….

Students determine the mass of a volume of vinegar and baking soda before mixing them. They observe bubbling and fizzing, evidence that a new material—carbon dioxide gas—formed. The new material is evidence that a chemical reaction occurred. Students determine that the mass of the mixture after the bubbling stops is less than the mass of the original materials. This change in mass pushes students to infer that carbon dioxide has mass, which went into the air.

Not Yet

As the second half of the third trimester flies by, children are continuing their strong work ethic.  Chapter 8 Math will finish mid month and Language Arts unit five finishes this week with a unit assessment on Thursday and Friday.

Fractions test in mid-May

There are three lessons to complete in Math chapter 8. However, before they are assigned, several review lessons are planned.  Simplifying fractions and comparing and ordering fractions are providing plenty of challenge for many students.  Our growth mindset tells us that it’s okay that we’re not there yet with these concepts.  They are difficult and we keep trying, because we know  we’ll get it.  A review before tackling the last three lessons will help boost students’ foundation with factors and multiples; skills necessary for confidence and success on the chapter test.   The year-end goal is to successfully work through the first six lessons of chapter 9; Operations with Fractions. We’re not there yet, but we’ll get there!  My Math online materials are supportive of the learning we are accomplishing in the classroom.  Click on the My Math Link on the blog for easy access.

The last Scholastic Book Club order form will come home Monday with the finished work folder.  Please, submit your order by Friday to ensure delivery before the last day of school.

  • May 1st; Tucson History Timeline Project due
  • May 4th-5th; Language Arts Unit 6 Assessment
  • May 12th; 7:00pm; Fine Arts Night for grades 4-8
  • May 17th; Field Trip to Sweetwater Wetlands
  • May 19th, 5:30pm; Art Expo
  • May 25th; Year End Class Party at Tucson Country Club
  • May 26th; Noon dismissal



Auction Project

Come to the Gala Saturday and bid on 3A’s beautiful project!  Students know where their pieces are in their awesome project.  Each kiddo wants it for their own!  Bid, bid, bid this Saturday!


Earth Day

Everyday Is Earth Day

by Kelly Roper

Everyday is earth day,
Or at least it should be.
We should take steps every day
to save our planet, don’t you agree?

Try walking when it’s practical,
And skip driving a car.
It will help cut down emissions
And raise air quality by far.

Reuse, renew, recycle,
Think of how much you throw away.
Our earth can only hold so much trash,
One day there’ll be the devil to pay.

And when it comes to littering,
It’s not enough to clean up after yourself.
Leave places better than you find them,
And pick up litter left by someone else.

Don’t spray your garden with pesticides,
Protect the birds and the bees.
Choose natural ways of deterring pests,
That won’t carry poisons in the breeze.

These are easy things we all can do,
To protect the earth for future generations.
If we continue to ignore all the warning signs,
We’ll face sad and irreversible ramifications.


  • April 26th; Tucson History Timeline Progress Report due
  • April 28th; Language Arts Weekly Assessments
  • April 29th; Gala
  • May 1st; Tucson History Timeline Project in Three Parts due
  • May 17th; Field Trip to Sweetwater Wetlands